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Explore the unparalleled beauty of Puerto Vallarta


Explore and Enjoy


If you are looking for a recreational activity in which you can be in contact with the nature of Puerto Vallarta, the developments represented by Silva Brisset Realtors offer some very fun alternatives. You can rent a bike for a ride in the streets and gardens of Marina Vallarta or if you prefer, you can request a kayak or paddle board to enjoy the quiet beaches of the area.

Rent a: Bike · Kayaks · Paddle Boards


Enjoy the fine culinary diversity


Through the vision of chef Joel Ornelas, Tintoque reinterprets the original recipes of the bay. Located in the dynamic area of Marina Vallarta, the casual and relaxed atmosphere of this restaurant makes it the ideal meeting point for residents and visitors who enjoy exquisite gourmet cuisine.

Fishing Trips

Enjoy a unique experience
around the bay

Fishing Boats

Enjoy a tour around the impressive Banderas Bay aboard comfortable and first-class boats. Visit the hidden beaches of the South Shore, admire the beauty of the Marietas Islands, spend an afternoon enjoying whale watching (in season) or a day fishing with your family in one of the boats that Silva Brisset Realtors puts at your disposal.

Surf Tours


Our surf tours are for intermediate and advanced enthusiasts who want to experience the very best surfing the Punta Mita coast has to offer. The guide team is led by Gary Villaseñor, former operations manager at Punta Mita Ocean Sports, who will take you to some of the best breaks that are out of reach from the coastline and only accessible by boat.

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