Besides offering our excellent services, it is our priority to help you solve your problems and reach your goals. We care about building lifelong relationships with our customers, not just sales, Our services are the ideal addition for your business to operate and look perfect.

Echa company is different and therefore each strategy should be unique, we adapt to your needs, offering specialized and tailor-made solutions.

Our Services

  • 2 Monthly Revisions.
  • Incident reports and priority calendar.
  • A/C Preventive maintenance. (Every 6 months)
  • Glass and exterior logos cleaning. (If a platform is needed, extra cost will be added)
  • Outdoor areas cleaning. (Floors, parking lots)
  • Minor repairs in plumbing, aluminium and electricity.
  • A/C Grids, ceiling fans and lamp cleaning.
  • Emergencies 24/7.
  • Service guarantee.

Some of our customers

We value your investment without losing sight of your growth.

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